Nut Splitters
HNS Series
15 and 25 Ton
1.13" to 2.25" Hex Nut Capacity
Rugged one-piece cutting frame with cuter blade that resists chipping and breaking
Pipe Flange Spreader
HFS Series
5 and 10 Ton
60 Degree Wedge Standard
Optional 30 degree "thin" and 60 degree "blunt" wedges available
Hydraulic Spreaders
HS Series
1 - 1.5 Ton
4" to 11.5" Max Spread
Use to lift machines or as a clamp: spread concrete forms or rebar, perform straightening jobs
Crimping Tools
MIT Series
Mechanical Indent Tool
250 MCM
Crimps a range of fittings without the use of hydraulics
Gas Crimping Pump
PG120 Series
130 cu. in. / min.
Two Speed, Single Acting
Extremely durable, yet lightweight, operates at low voltage conditions. Designed for crimping applications.
Hydraulic Testers & Accessories
HT Series
50, 75, & 200 GPM Flow
In-Line Testers, Max Pressure 5,000 PSI
Accurately measure oil flow, pressure, and temperature on in-plant equipment, forklifts, machine tools, and more.